Marinvent planned and conducted the most extensive and complex general aviation trials under NASA’s Synthetic Vision System program. Approximately fourty (40) sorties were flown in three weeks at Reno, Nevada. Numerous pilots ranging from Boeing 777 and Airbus captains to newly qualified private pilots were used to evaluate a number of different display concepts under challenging conditions. Example pictures: SVS Reno test flight over terrain with GPS information overlay, SVS display concept, SVS Reno test flight cockpit, inside left test panel and outside views, approach into KRNO, 2D chart view display).

Homepage photo credits: i. Vasiliy Vishnevskiy / 123RF. ii. Cropped version of "Fog (water particle) wind tunnel visualization of a NACA 4412 airfoil at a low-speed flow (Re=20.000)" distributed under the same license as the original. Copyright © 2010 by Georgepehli. The image is released to the public domain courtesy of Smart Blade GmbH ( License: CC BY-SA 3.0