Sensor Fusion

Takes the guess work out of tracking threats

Marinvent’s patented sensor fusion technology is a completely new methodology for conducting sensor fusion, particularly for dissimilar sensors with heterogeneous spatial and temporal characteristics.

Marinvent’s sensor fusion software package uses advanced expert system methods to integrate the sensor data into an easily understood probability map that is presented to the operator in real time.

The probability map ensures that the operator is presented with the most likely location of the target rather than having to estimate that for himself/herself under extremely dynamic and stressful situations, resulting in a considerably more effective and efficient mission.

Sensor Fusion Key Features

  • Marinvent-designed probability map expert system implemented to aid operators in detection and tracking of targets
  • The probability map incorporates two novel heuristics:
    • It subtracts the probability associated from any sensor which is not in contact with the target; and
    • When a sensor loses contact with the target, it retains the probability data from the sensor in question, but with the probability diluted spatially according to the maximum anticipated speed of the target
  • Marinvent’s sensor fusion package is available under flexible licensing terms:
    • Either as a patent license or
    • As a software license
    • Either exclusive or non-exclusive
  • Sensor models can be readily updated with customer’s own real-world sensor models
  • Marinvent can work with customers to tailor the system to customer’s needs and to integrate the software into the customer’s platform

Sensor Fusion Benefits

  • Expert system algorithms provide operator with best estimate of a Target Of Interest’s (TOI’s) position and velocity
    • Takes the “guesswork” out of target location and tracking
    • Results in reduction of localization time of an order of magnitude over raw data mode
    • Results in a reduction of tracking errors of an order of magnitude over raw data mode
    • Significant reduction in stress and workload for operators
  • Modular and flexible design means that the sensor fusion algorithms are independent of the physical sensor system, working on post-processed sensor data
    • May be used with disparate sensors with dissimilar profiles
  • Provides customers with a readily-available discriminator over their competitors’ systems
  • Can be retrofit to existing systems

Application Spaces

  • ASW
  • Target Detection
  • Target Tracking & Surveillance
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