April 08, 2013 – News Archive

Marinvent and ETS successfully develop a wireless prototyping process for Marinvent’s APM through Engage project

Montreal, Quebec, Monday, April 8, 2013 – Marinvent announces today the successful completion of its Airfoil Performance Monitor (APM)-Engage project. The project, recently completed in collaboration with École de technologie supérieure (ETS), has been a huge success and has demonstrated the intrinsic value of strong partnerships between Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) like Marinvent and research institutions like ETS. The result of the project is the successful development of a rapid prototyping process for Marinvent’s APM through the use of wireless APM mast technology.

The Marinvent-ETS team has been able to develop, deploy and successfully demonstrate wireless data transmission from a small, battery powered, APM mast assembly deployed on the wing of Marinvent’s Piaggio Avanti aircraft to a cockpit-based receiver located in the aircraft cockpit.

“This is a major accomplishment as it now enables, for the first time, the deployment of our APM system for testing and evaluation purposes on aircraft without the costly and time-consuming need to drill holes,” said Phil Cole, VP Business Development at Marinvent Corporation. “We are very pleased with the way the ETS team worked with us on this project and the results we were jointly able to achieve in a relatively short time period. We have already identified areas of continued collaboration with ETS on this research, and foresee continued close cooperation on APM, training and other projects in the near future.”

“Within a 6 months project, the team was able to develop proper software and to embed in the Marinvent APM a tiny full duplex radio, 2 analog to digital converters with low power supply electronic. The resulting embedded APM could now work autonomously and could contain 2 pressure sensors (back and front sides) with all combined previous electronic, simplifying considerably testing and certification procedures.”, said René Jr. Landry, teacher at ETS and Director of LASSENA (Laboratory of Specialized Embedded System, Navigation and Avionic).

About Marinvent

Marinvent is an aerospace R&D test and evaluation company headquartered in St-Bruno, QC. whose major function is to reduce the risk, life cycle cost, time to develop, and time to certify novel aerospace technologies for fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned platforms. Marinvent specializes in Flight Test Services, Systems Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Software Development and Civil Certification. Marinvent and its US JV partner (AdvAero) have a stellar track record of providing outsourced software development and services, and have been awarded numerous Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), ranging from single display upgrades to complete cockpit retrofits, such as the Honeywell CDS/R® retrofit for the Piaggio P180 aircraft, which included a completely new Electronic Flight Instrumentation System, FMS, INS AHRS, autopilot interface, radar, lightning detection, EGPWS, T2CAS, and RVSM certification. Marinvent and AdvAero have more than 100 combined years of experience in the aerospace R&D, with a customer base extending from NASA to every major avionics manufacturer in North America.

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