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From concept... Marinvent has certified primary navigation systems for many aircraft. We developed the world-standard certified software for the electronic depiction of instrument approaches and airport maps. And we helped NASA with the Synthetic Vision System (SVS) at the heart of the "next generation" cockpits.

... to certified project. Marinvent offers turnkey services that help meet your needs in certification, flight test, human factors, and system engineering. With multiple Transport Canada DARs and our highly trained award-winning engineering staff we can help you with your certification project from the concept phase right through flight test and certification.

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Stallwarning plus image Stallwarning sensor

Marinvent's technologies and products are intended to increase safety and help people do their jobs better and more effectively.

Dynamic non-linear display image Have a cluttered display with a large range of values that can change quickly? Marinvent's dynamic non-linear display (DNLD) can help. DNLD can provide situational awareness and increase safety in ways conventional linear displays can't.

Want to know when your aircraft is in icing conditions? Want to know how bad the icing is? Want to know how how the aerofoil is actually being affected by that ice? Marinvent's Stallwarning™ airflow performance monitor is the answer. Stallwarning can also detect a contaminated aerofoil on the takeoff roll, inflight wing and tail stalls, and even a stall in mach buffet.

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